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Our goal: Delicious coffee with a net positive impact.

You might have heard words like traceable, sustainable and transparent kicking around the coffee industry, but what do they all really mean? As with any label that can improve profits and brand image, companies start slapping it on whatever they can get away with until the term is almost meaningless. But who is doing it right? Roasters like Seven Seeds and Sample have really inspired us to better communicate our sourcing decisions and their impacts to you guys. We have realised that better prices for producers start at the end of the chain. If we as consumers are happy to pay more for good coffee, and we know where that premium is going, we can start to shift the market.

So how can you trust us? You don’t have to and that is the beauty of transparency. We give you the numbers and encourage you to ask more questions. If your coffee is cheap, someone is getting a raw deal and it’s probably those at origin. But here is where it starts to get complicated; transparency doesn’t guarantee a fair price, it just communicates the price.

Every coffee has a unique cost of production from labour, local environmental and political climates to specific varieties, harvest yields and processing. That is why we and our export partners like to pay what is asked by our producers to guarantee they are earning enough.

The Coffee 

Country & Region:  Chimborazo, Ecuador
Producer:  Familia Merino
Variety: Typica
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1600-1800m

Finca Lugmapata, located in the Pallatanga valley, in Chimborazo province, has belonged to the Merino Family for over 100 years now. It is said that the name was inspired by a local fruit that sadly no longer exists. When Enrique was 8 years old, he used to eat a citrus fruit called Lugma at the foot of its tree with his siblings. When he grew up he decided to name this farm Lugmapata to honor his childhood and celebrate the times that he had spent on the farm growing up. As a child, this farm was the property of their grandparents, who used to raise cattle on the land. When his grandparents passed away, they were going to sell the farm, but all the memories and experiences were too important for Enrique, and he didn’t let them get rid of it. Instead he decided to prove it’s worth and start growing coffee. The specialty coffee journey of the Merinos started 5 years ago, when the family’s fourth generation decided plant over 7000 trees of Sidra and Typica Mejorado. This farm is now a family business where Enrique works with his sister Rosío and his nephew Roberto Vasconez who is bringing innovation and youth to the business. This farm has fantastic climate and soil, which are favourable for the production of specialty coffee. His goal is to one day have 60 productive hectares all grown with coffee, with everything being produced and sold as specialty coffee. The Merinos wouldn’t change this farm and coffee for anything in this world or for any amount of money, his farm is their home and what they want to dedicate their life to.

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