How to brew coffee in an AeroPress

Put down the instant coffee and start brewing the perfect cup of joe. With the AeroPress, you’ll achieve a delicious, smooth flavour, in only a few simple steps.

Because the AeroPress is every baristas go to home brewing device, we thought we’d give you the rundown on how to brew, and the different brewing methods that you can utilise with this handy vessel.

Durable, compact and light, this bad boy doesn’t just conjure up one way to brew you a delicious coffee. 

These two simple brewing techniques will help you on your way to being an AeroPress expert! 

Method 1 – Black or Milk Based AeroPress Coffee


Coffee: 15 gramsGrind Size: Finely groundWater: 255 ml at 80C

  1. Put a filter paper in the cap, and rinse with your ‘just off the  boil’ water.
  2. Place over a sturdy cup
  3. Add in a leveled scoop of ground coffee around (15 grams)
  4. Fill her up with water to the desired level
  5. Stir the grinds to insure a full flavoured coffee
  6. Plunge until you can plunge no more!
  7. Drink away!

Latte style? Add heated milk!

Long Black style? Just add hot water!

Method 2 – Cold Brew AeroPress Coffee

  1. Flip the AeroPress upside-down and add coffee grinds (15 grams or one level scoop)
  2. Fill up halfway with cold water and stir
  3. Add cold water to top it up
  4. Wet filter paper, put it in the cap and screw it on
  5. Steep for 10 minutes or longer (for desired flavour)
  6. Once steeped, place a cup over the top of the cap and flip it over
  7. Slowly plunge coffee (around 20 seconds) 
  8. Add a touch of milk, water, or just ice and enjoy! 

Oh and before you go off on your merry way and start brewing – you may be wondering how should I grind coffee for AeroPress?

Grind coffee medium-fine (around table salt feel).

The right grind has lots to do with the flavour of the coffee. If you are unsure, take the trouble out of it and come on into CampGrounds and let us grind it for you. 

As a visual reference, check out this fab guide, to help you figure out where your grind needs to be.

What’s so good about the AeroPress?

  • Smoother, richer flavour without bitterness
  • 1/9th the acidity of the French Press
  • Makes American coffee, espresso styles, or cold brew
  • No grit
  • Cleanup takes seconds
  • Ideal for kitchen, camping and travel

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