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This hole-in-the-wall warehouse-style coffee stop is the go-to for those serious about their morning caffeine hit. Situated right next door to the equally popular Welder’s Dog tap house, Camp Grounds has graced the local café scene since late 2019 sharing those snazzy city-slicking brews we all know and love to country NSW.


Owners, Matt and Mon, both massive coffee-loving connoisseurs, have created a spot in town unlike any other that champions independent Aussie coffee roasters alongside a retail range of brewing gear and more.


Where: 37 Dowe St, Tamworth
More Info: click here

June is Pride Month

JUNE IS PRIDE MONTH ?️‍? Stand in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community

Camp Grounds. You may think camping, you may think coffee, but this month, we are putting the emphasis on CAMP, in Camp Grounds.

For those of you who don’t know, June is Pride month. For the LGBTQIA+ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual and/or Ally) it’s all about liberation, expression and simply, love.

At Camp Grounds we pride ourselves on inclusivity. We feel a duty to not only make great coffee and have a whole lotta fun doing it, but ensure y’all walking in the door feel safe, included and a part of the fam.

We promise to treat people with respect and kindness (no matter how many sugars you put in your coffee). In honour of this fabulous month, we have teamed up with ACON on The Welcome Here project.

“The Welcome Here Project supports businesses and services throughout Australia to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities. Members receive the Welcome Here rainbow stickers and charter to display in a prominent place to let everyone know that LGBTIQ diversity is welcomed and celebrated within their business.”

– The Welcome Here Project

To learn more about ACON or get that beaut sticker on your window – join in the movement here 

What is Gay Pride?

Events are central to Gay Pride. Festivals like Sydney Pride and Lismore’s Tropical Fruits (a cool regional LGBTQIA+ event over New Year) are more than a colourful party. Gay Pride events started as a means to increase visibility, acceptance and advocate for the legal protections of LGBTQIA+ people in those communities. Whilst Pride events may have a political nature, they are also about acceptance and a celebration of pride for the local LGBTQIA+ community. Pride marches, parades and social media campaigns often a call for recognition and acceptance of same-sex marriage, legal protections for couples and families, anti-discrimination laws or trans rights – according to IGLTA

A Brief History of Gay Pride

To understand Gay Pride it is important to learn about The Stonewall Riots. IGLTA gives a brief history of this on their website saying –
‘In June of 1969, a group of LGBTQ+ people in New York City rioted following a police raid of the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar located on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. This series of events was a turning point for the LGBTQ+ community and marks one of the most significant events leading to the modern gay rights movement. The following year in June, organized demonstrations took place in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco to mark the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. As the years went on, additional cities in North America and Europe began to hold their own public demonstrations or pride day, eventually leading to what we know today as a gay pride parade, march, celebration or festival.’ IGLTA.ORG

Learn more about The Stonewall Riots 

Why is Pride important to celebrate especially in Tamworth as a regional Australian town?

This Pride month let’s honor and celebrate the LGBTQ community. As members of a regional community we want to look at how we can help in furthering LGBTQ inclusion and Pride in regional Australia.

It’s a fact – LGBTQ inclusion is less visible in regional areas. The 2019 AWEI Employee Survey showed that compared to our friends in the city, we have significantly less visible LGBTQ inclusion and allies. 

We should all be able to bring our whole selves to our workplace, local coffee shop and community in general. Whether you live in Tamworth like us or the big smoke nearby Newcastle and Sydney you deserve to show up as your true self. Especially in regional communities we need to work together to make LGBTQ inclusion more visible.

Gaining traction and driving change can be tough without the right tools – according to Australia’s ‘Pride in Diversity’ group. If you are us and live in a regional town and wanna help further LGBTQ inclusion in your community – this resource is a great start. The ‘Regional Inclusion Guide’ by Pride in Diversity gives you some great tools that we delve into below.

How to Guide – 10 steps to further LGBTQ inclusion Pride in regional Australia.

We have summarised Pride in Diversity’s guide below- please read the full version here: Regional Inclusion Guide 2019


‘Education is key for leaders to become effective allies. Distance makes face to face workshops more difficult, although education pieces could be part of periodical or regular leadership meetings. Leaders can also use Pride in Diversity’s online and WebEx education modules. This can be reinforced with appropriate reading and online resources. ‘ – Pride in Diversity


‘’When a national organisation, with a regional presence in different states, establishes an LGBTQ employee network, it is important to include state and regional leads at the different employment sites. Having one or preferably more than one engaged contact point means that communication from the LGBTQ network in metropolitan corporate head office is more effectively transmitted to the radiational centres’ – Pride in Diversity


For information kits and imagery that you can use on LGBTQ days of significance, visit:

  • MAR 31 Transgender Day of Visibility 
  • APR 26 Lesbian Visibility Day 
  • MAY 17 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) 
  • JUNE Pride Month (1st Mardi Gras was 24 June 1978) 
  • JULY 24 International Non-Binary Pride Day 
  • AUG (Last Fri) Wear It Purple Day SEP 23 Bi Visibility Day 
  • OCT 8 International Lesbian Day 
  • NOV 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance 
  • DEC 1 World AIDS Day


Get amongst your community and find opportunities to learn more from others. 

‘Tamworth Pride Social Group’ is a local LGBTQ Group in Tamworth you may like to connect with.

If you know of any others sing out so we can share the love! 


Something at Camp Grounds we feel highly passionate about is mental health and wellbeing. Our Campfire chats are a wonderful way to give to our community, especially those working in hospitality. All you need to do? Pull up a stump, warm your hands with a hot cuppa, and join in on the conversation of mental health. Due to covid we are looking at ways we can use social media to continue this partnership with headspace using perhaps Instagram TV or Facebook and Instagram live. Stay tuned to our socials as we look to further this program.


Start an event in your community or join in on the events of other local organisations. 
Did you see the Tamworth Country Music Festival’s first LGBT pride float take part in cavalcade in 2019?
Tamworth also celebrated our first pride event in 2019 too!


There are a bunch of resources and training available online through Pride in Diversity. Check it out on their website. The LGBTQ Inclusive Employers’ site also has resources which are freely available to everyone.


ACON’s Welcome Here Project  supports businesses and organisations throughout Australia to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of LGBTQ communities. We are proud to be part of this initiative. Join your workplace up and display the fab ‘Welcome Here’ rainbow sticker to show you provide a safe space for LGBTQ people.


Sport can be a tough place for LGBTQ people because of a lack of LGBTQ inclusion according to Pride in Diversity;s research. In regional areas, businesses can play a key role in helping the local sporting clubs become more LGBTQ inclusive through engagement and sponsorship.


First Nation inclusion matters. Including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols like Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country, and displaying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags conveys respect and, like the use of the rainbow flag, demonstrates inclusion. 

WELCOME TO COUNTRY – A welcome, before all other proceedings, by an authorised representative of the Traditional Owners of the Country where an event is being held. 

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY – An acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners of the Country where an event is being held. It can be performed by anyone. 


Get to know your ‘Happy Camper Crew’ at Tamworth Camp Grounds

By using our knowledge and passion of all things coffee, we are here to bring you the best experience we can. You’ve seen each Happy Camper at one point or another if you’ve visited our lovely cafe. If you’re a regular, we probably know a few things about your life too. (don’t worry, your secrets are safe with us) If you happen to have a dog, it’s likely that we know your dog’s name over yours.

So we thought, why not divulge a little for an even playing field, and get to know a bit more about each person that makes your brew (or scroll) each morning, and puts the ‘Happy” before Camper.

Say Howdy to your Tamworth team of Happy Campers!

Meet Matthew

  • Happy Camper, Delivery Driver, Coffee nerd, Owner

Born in Armadale, no, not that one, the Armadale in Western Australia, Matt was a travelling man at a young age and never stayed in one place for too long. His interests are coffee, coffee, and more coffee. With his goals to bring specialty coffee to regional Australia and educate the future of baristas, he and his wife Monique moved to Tamworth in 2018 and put those plans front and center which is how Camp Grounds came to be. You won’t have trouble finding him, as you’ll hear a zealous ‘HOWDY’ before you even set foot in the store. Making coffee, experimenting, and having fun is what he does best. Days off you say? Well, when he gets the chance he’ll be entertaining guests, playing with his pooch (Marigold), and continuing to learn. 

FAVE:Food: LasagneHobbies: Vintage toys, coffee, fishing, and being out in natureDaily cuppa: double shot flat white followed by an espressoBlack or Milkcoffee: First coffee always milk then blackWashed or Natural Beans:I’m gonna throw in the honey pulp process as I love those sweet big notesArtist/Band: Redgum, ZZ Top, a dash of KISSAlbum: Afterburner – ZZ TopTV Show: Fairy TailMovie: Alien, it’s a classicPlace to be: Swag by the river with my wife, pooch and fishing poleThing to do in Tamworth: Marsupial park baby – it’s free, fun, and who doesn’t love a wallaroo.Video Game: Pokémon   

Meet Monique

  • Happy Camper/ Marketing & Creative/ HR Boss Lady

Born in Gunnedah, raised in Inverell, she is a country girl at heart. Monique moved to Tamworth in 2018 from Italy. Studies in Fashion Design took her to Melbourne and Milan but it is at home in regional Australia that she is most happy. Throughout studying she has loved working in customer service and hospo. Monique created Camp Grounds with husband Matt as a place to share really good coffee experiences and when the shop opened in December of 2019 that dream came true. When she is not snapping doggo pics at Camp Grounds HQ you can find her writing up a storm on socials or doodling designs. 

FAVE:Food: ChipsHobbies: Design, painting, yogaDaily cuppa: Batch Brew or a Soy FlattyBlack or Milkcoffee: Black Washed or Natural Beans: NaturalArtist/Band: WAAX, Regurgitator, SkeggsAlbum: Foo Fighters – In Your HonourTV Show: Stranger Things, That 70s Show, The OCMovie: Candy (Heath Ledger), The Holiday (Kate Winslet)Place to be: Camping under the stars or eating popcorn at the cinemaThing to do in Tamworth: Trekking up Flagstaff with Marigold & MattVideo Game: Overcooked 2, Rollercoaster TycoonPets: Marigold the Border Collie

Meet Madeleine

  • Barista, Blog writer, Happy Camper, Resident Comedian

Lover of a good book, film or conspiracy theory, Madeleine spends most of her time in worlds that don’t exist. When she is in this world, however, you’ll catch her at Camp Grounds behind Ivy (the beautiful green coffee machine) working on her latte art, chowing down on a pizza scroll, or having a mid morning groove with the gang. She loves to express her style through vintage clothing, and you’ll likely find her at home, cuppa tea in hand, record playing and candles burning. She plans on exploring as many foreign cities as possible, but in the meantime is exploring the world of coffee through writing for this very blog. She has a way with words and is your go to gal for quotes. 

FAVE:Food: BREADHobbies: Writing, reading, listening to records, watching films, browsing Etsy for vintage goodsDaily cuppa: Double or triple small flatty with a dash of oatBlack or Milkcoffee: BlackWashed or Natural Beans: NaturalArtist/Band: leetwood Mac, Harry Styles, Julia Jacklin, Joni Mitchell, Arctic Monkeys, Jefferson Airplane, Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade FireAlbum: Rumours – Fleetwood MacTV Show: Avatar – The Last Airbender, Charmed, Buzzfeed UnsolvedMovie: Little Women (2020), Emma (2020) Pride and Prejudice (2005), Almost Famous, Empire Records Place to be: At the movies with popcorn and a pepsiThing to do in Tamworth: Op Shopping, lounging in the parkVideo Game: I clean up in Mario Kart

Meet Scarlett

  • Barista/ Happy Camper/ Delivery Driver

Scarlett is obsessed with all things coffee. Well, maybe it’s a 50/50 tie with Star Wars, nevertheless, you’ll find no one nerdier than this woman. Born and raised in Sydney, Scarlett left the big smoke for Tamworth in 2009. Did I mention she loves coffee? Behind the machine or pulling equipment apart is what you’ll find her doing at Camp Grounds. She roasts with New England Roasters which are based right here in Tamworth (how cool is that!) After work she will be sitting on her couch surrounded by her three cats Flicka, Leo and Billie, Luke Skywalker helmet on, and getting lost in the Star Wars universe.

FAVE:Food: Potato of any kind or ramenHobbies: Painting, drawing Daily cuppa: Espresso or soy latteBlack or Milkcoffee: Black coffeeWashed or Natural Beans: WashedArtist/Band: Nirvana Album: In UteroTV Show: Buffy the Vampire SlayerMovie: Any Star Wars moviePlace to be: Outside amongst the trees with a warm coffeeThing to do in Tamworth: Driving to the lookout at night to view the cityVideo Game: Mario kart, Luigi’s Mansion or Until Dawn   

Meet Alison  

  • Barista, Supplier of Sweets (Wake and Cake), Plant Consultant 

Born and raised in Manilla this lovely lady moved to Tamworth in 2018. You know those delicious sweets you’re consuming as you leave Camp Grounds? That’s all her baby. Her passion is to create sweet and savoury goods that are delicious, and just so happen to be vegan. Within Camp Grounds HQ, she can be found restocking cakes, reorganising the storage room, writing up the daily brews, and by her own admission, talking too much. If you’re looking where to find her, the easiest place to go is the Bunnings garden section. If she’s not there? Alison will be baking up a storm in the Wake and Cake kitchen, tenderly stroking her monstera (Monty), or probably, still chilling at work. 


Food: IQ burrito, double beans, 1 scoop black rice, hold the corn chips, double guacamole, IQ salsa, tomato salsa, jalapeños, 1 line verde, Z trezigo “bone Apple teeth”.
Hobbies: Cleaning, tending to my plant babies, walking my Lunie
Daily cuppa: Extra shot almond latte, warm, 3/4 full 
Black or Milk coffee: por qué no los dos
Washed or Natural Beans: Natural
Artist/Band: Tame Impala, Sticky fingers, Catfish and the Bottleman, Dope Lemon, King Krule and Frank Ocean .
Album: The Slow Rush – Tame impala 
TV Show: FRIENDS, Nailed it, MAFS (in secret)
Movie: Silence of the Lambs, Trainspotting
Place to be: My bed. It’s big and it’s got a dog, a cat and a Jackson. 
Thing to do in Tamworth: Snag red hot bargains at the Op Shops, Picnic in Anzac with my pup Luna, getting heart palpitations in the Bunnings Garden Centre.

Meet Ella

  • Happy Camper, Master of Iced Drinks

The youngest of our Happy Camper crew is Ella. Interested in the arts such as music, makeup and photography, Ella has a keen eye for many different forms of beauty. Born and raised in Tamworth, she dreams of coastal getaways and delicious foods. Greece is her destination of choice when we’re talking travelling. She plans to work hard and get to where she needs to be soaking up the sun while listening to some great bands along the way. Ella loves to make up yummy iced drinks and serve our amazing customers with a smile. When not at work, she’ll be eating food, hanging with friends and the fam, or mostly shopping.

FAVE:Food: Ooooh boy this is hard, but I’m gonna have to say CHINESE!!!Hobbies: Taking photos, working on beauty and makeupDaily cuppa: Large caramel latteBlack or Milk coffee: If I must answer it would be milk all the wayArtist/Band: Sticky Fingers, Skeggs, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller.Album: Blonde by Frank OceanTV Show: American Horror StoryMovie: GhostPlace to be: Outside in nature creating artVideo Game: Minecraft   

How to brew coffee in an AeroPress

Put down the instant coffee and start brewing the perfect cup of joe. With the AeroPress, you’ll achieve a delicious, smooth flavour, in only a few simple steps.

Because the AeroPress is every baristas go to home brewing device, we thought we’d give you the rundown on how to brew, and the different brewing methods that you can utilise with this handy vessel.

Durable, compact and light, this bad boy doesn’t just conjure up one way to brew you a delicious coffee. 

These two simple brewing techniques will help you on your way to being an AeroPress expert! 

Method 1 – Black or Milk Based AeroPress Coffee


Coffee: 15 gramsGrind Size: Finely groundWater: 255 ml at 80C

  1. Put a filter paper in the cap, and rinse with your ‘just off the  boil’ water.
  2. Place over a sturdy cup
  3. Add in a leveled scoop of ground coffee around (15 grams)
  4. Fill her up with water to the desired level
  5. Stir the grinds to insure a full flavoured coffee
  6. Plunge until you can plunge no more!
  7. Drink away!

Latte style? Add heated milk!

Long Black style? Just add hot water!

Method 2 – Cold Brew AeroPress Coffee

  1. Flip the AeroPress upside-down and add coffee grinds (15 grams or one level scoop)
  2. Fill up halfway with cold water and stir
  3. Add cold water to top it up
  4. Wet filter paper, put it in the cap and screw it on
  5. Steep for 10 minutes or longer (for desired flavour)
  6. Once steeped, place a cup over the top of the cap and flip it over
  7. Slowly plunge coffee (around 20 seconds) 
  8. Add a touch of milk, water, or just ice and enjoy! 

Oh and before you go off on your merry way and start brewing – you may be wondering how should I grind coffee for AeroPress?

Grind coffee medium-fine (around table salt feel).

The right grind has lots to do with the flavour of the coffee. If you are unsure, take the trouble out of it and come on into CampGrounds and let us grind it for you. 

As a visual reference, check out this fab guide, to help you figure out where your grind needs to be.

What’s so good about the AeroPress?

  • Smoother, richer flavour without bitterness
  • 1/9th the acidity of the French Press
  • Makes American coffee, espresso styles, or cold brew
  • No grit
  • Cleanup takes seconds
  • Ideal for kitchen, camping and travel

Never Run Out of Beans For Your Aeropress 

Want Exciting New Beans Every Month? Join Our Monthly Coffee Subscription!

Hario V60 – Simple Brew Guide

The Hario V60 is perfect for the minimalist camper or newcomer to coffee as it is so easy to use and makes a bloody good cuppa. Here are some simple steps to get you brewing:

How to brew v60 pour-over anywhere

All you need is – love… and a V60 dripperpapers, coffee & a cup (or server). You can get the whole kit and kaboodle here. 

Makes 1-cup

(do your math and double it for two etc)
  1. Put a paper filter in your V60, and rinse the paper with hot water.
    This gets rid of any papery taste and pre-warms the cup or server.
  2. Place 15g of ground coffee in the filter.
    That is one tablespoon or full Hario scoop.
  3. Slowly pour in 50ml of water, just off the boil.
    No measuring jug – no worries just eyeball it, about 1/4 of your cup.
    Pour from centre out in a circular motion.
  4. Wait 30 seconds – watch it bloom.
    Watch the gases trapped in the coffee bubble up.
  5. Gently pour in the rest of your water.
    With the same slow whirlpool motion as before.
  6. Enjoy a bloody good cuppa – made by you.
    Share it with us too @campgroundstamworth – we would love to see

The experts brew guide:

The above is simple and basic starting point for brewing on your V60. There are much more exacting methods with adjustments for variables. These involve ratios and timing your pours a bit more closely. If you are finding the brew flavour not quite right it may be time to experiment.

We test all our beans so get in touch for more specific info. Message us on socials @campgroundstamworth – happy brewing 🙂

In the meantime if you are looking for a more in-depth understanding on brewing on your Hario V60 check out this video from legend James Hoffman. 

Need Filter Papers?

Never Run Out of Beans – Join our Happy Campers Club for Subscription Coffee

‘Coffee that doesn’t fuck anyone over’ – KMac, Floozy Coffee Roasters

The secret sauce for sustainability in the coffee industry 

‘For Floozy, specialty coffee is coffee that is sourced with traceability and transparency. Coffee that doesn’t fuck anyone over’

– KMac – Floozy Coffee Roaster 

To ensure you guys have the best Camp Grounds experience possible, I sat down with KMac to get yours (and my) most asked questions answered. Once we got over the excitement of seeing each other’s faces and working out who had the mute on, (oh the joys of Zoom) we got right to it.

How did you come up with the name Floozy?

KMac: So the concept when we started it was to be a space for equality and for women to be able to exist in the same space as men in the roasting industry, which wasn’t really a thing a few years ago. 

So when the name came up, it was literally googling ‘bad words for women’ and then going through the list and picking which one I liked the best. The idea was to take back a word that was considered ‘bad’.

MP: To change the meaning of it?

KM: Yeah essentially. Another part is people take it so seriously, and the names are also very serious. It’s something totally not to do with coffee, something fun and that we can have fun with as a brand. 

We are serious about coffee, but not in a way that alienates people who just want to have fun and drink really delicious coffee!

What does it mean to Floozy to choose women producers of coffee?

KM: Different laws exist in different countries, such as women not being able to hold land titles. In a country like this, we are so lucky to be able to, and that concept is foreign to me. You either inherit the land or your husband owns it. So to kind of bring light to women in coffee I think it’s really important to say that this is the woman behind it. Not to mention the fact that they are producing really delicious coffee so there’s kind of two elements to it.

I have to also ensure that the coffee is really delicious as well. 

No matter if the producer is male, female or ungendered, in order to get good quality you pay higher prices, therefore you’re making sure people are being paid well.

If we are sourcing it and trying to get a level of transparency, no matter who the producer is, it’s going to taste better because they are putting more quality into their processing techniques. It’s so important to me to have the traceability to find these women producers. 

When the company wasn’t big enough, I didn’t have the ability to find these amazing women producers. Now that we have grown, it means that I can commit to a women’s full lot of coffee. So for Sonia Imbachi, (pictured above) who you’ve had on your espresso, I agreed that we would purchase her coffee for an entire year so anything that she produced we would purchase. 

It’s good for everyone because if I get her best quality coffee, she gets paid the most, and we also get this amazingly delicious coffee.

I don’t remember what the question was, (laughs), but it means the coffee she’s producing is confirmed. I think that’s really important, to guarantee something that takes a long time to produce, like coffee, and to be able to say ‘I’m going to sell everything i make this year’ and that’s pretty awesome.

MP:That’s so cool! It helps you remember that so much goes into your morning cup of coffee. 

What is specialty coffee?

KM:How would I define specialty coffee? It’s hard to sum up. There’s no restrictions on using the word. I can get coffee from anywhere. I can grow it from my backyard and call it specialty coffee and nobody could get angry at me because there’s no laws around that. 

I actually am trying to grow coffee in my backyard right now by the way..

MP: No way! How’s it going?

KM: I’m not good at it! (both laugh). 
For Floozy specialty coffee is coffee that is sourced with traceability and transparently. Coffee that doesn’t fuck anyone over.

MP: Great way of putting it!

KM: Say you’re a coffee roaster, and say you have a Geisha, and you’ve got that on your website, it’s great, it’s delicious, but then in your blend you’ve snuck in this commodity grade coffee, but you’re a specialty coffee roaster, hmm.. I don’t really know about that. So that’s where the issue lies. 

We don’t sell or deal with anything commodity market wise

MP: So when people become lax in what they are choosing to sell, and what they are choosing to be known for, that’s when the quality is coming down?

KM: Yeah. You can say about yourself that you have really high quality coffee but you also have really low quality coffees. So is that the way to go forward transparently and sustainably in the industry? To sell these super crazy, high quality coffees that a producer may only have one bag of, and then buy really low quality coffee for the majority of your roasting work? I don’t think that that’s the way forward. 

For me I would much rather have a medium coffee and buy that producer’s entire harvest of it. 

I think that’s more sustainable for a producer and for me. And for consumer consistency.

MP: That makes a lot of sense! 

Alright, an easier one;

What is the difference between a washed and a natural coffee?

KM: You have a coffee cherry that grows from a tree, and the bean is actually the pair of seeds inside the coffee cherry. (Washed coffee) The coffee cherries are depulped, washed in the wash process and before the coffee seed gets dried, it is completely washed. This creates a cleaner tasting coffee. 

A natural process is where the cherry is left on the seed, and dried while it ferments off. Something that people love about natural coffees, is because of that process of fermentation, it makes the taste really fruity and sometimes a little funky. 

For me, you didn’t ask this question but I’m going to tell you anyway (laughs); My preference is for washed coffee. I really enjoy the subtlety and complexity of the cup.

How do you make the flavour profiles for the coffee? 

KM: It has more to do with the inherent properties of particular coffee beans rather than what I do to them when roasting. 

The easiest way to describe it is more towards wine. So we know that different grape varietals have different inherent flavours and such. It’s similar with coffee. There are so many different varieties of coffee and so many different growing regions for it. 

For example, in the blend you have on espresso at the moment, the Brazil is a pulped natural process, and that bean itself has flavour profiles of a very chocolatey nature. The pulped natural gives it more of a funk and richness to it. Then we have Nicaraguan. It’s quite nutty, so the combination of those things gets that profile. By putting coffees together, I can anticipate what I think the blend might taste like, and then match them up. So I can roast it lighter for filter and usually hold onto some of the acidity, or more of the lighter floral tasting notes. Or, I can roast it a little more developed for espresso or a milk roast where I might end up with richer, rounder, more chocolatey flavour notes. 

I can’t fabricate the taste. I can’t buy a coffee and be like ‘I’m going to make it taste like chocolate ice-cream’.

MP: So there’s nothing being added to it, it’s just the inherent flavour of the beans that you are roasting at different levels, in order to bring out the best flavour? 

KM: Yeah! 

What is the process from the farm, to our cup? 

KM: A majority of our coffees we purchase with a coffee merchant called Caravela. I will say to our merchant, ‘I need X amount of Columbian coffee this year from female producers’. They will then set us up in the Las Mingas program, meaning ‘for the good of all’. 

Process of coffee from farm to roaster

  1. Our merchants will link me up with producers they think will suit. 
  2. They will grow their coffee.
  3. Samples arrive for us to cup. 
  4. Once approved (depending on the harvest schedule), it will end up on a boat through Caravela exporting it for us.
  5. It comes to me and I roast it. 

That is a very simplified version but essentially how it works. I believe really strongly in using a good reputable merchant like Caravela. I like using a merchant who has the facilities to help these people with real questions concerning their farm. 

I love our (coffee) merchants so much and respect their portion of the supply chain.

What do you think is the best at home brewing technique?

MP: Especially now with many people in isolation or unable to acquire coffee?

KM: I really like the French Press. Mostly because they are so easy to use. It can make all types of coffees and a good amount, if there are a few people in the household. If it’s just for me though,  I’ll make a V60 pour over.

How do you think coffee has evolved in the last couple of years?

KM: The main changes I’ve noticed are consumers being more aware of what they are drinking and how it’s sourced. Even just things like bringing keep cups. With the sustainability side of coffee, people are becoming much more aware of the fact that as an industry, we can do better than we have been with sourcing sustainably. Choosing to be more sustainable with things like making our bags are soft plastic recyclable, and your (Camp Grounds) cups which are fully compostable. All of these things are just due to a lot of people’s awareness in general.

MP: So the educational side?

KM: The acceptability of what is okay and what isn’t. Is it okay to pick up a bag that just says ‘Columbia’ on it and be like ‘Yep! That’s traceable to Columbia!?’

MP: People want to know more about what they’re doing. I think it’s good for businesses. If they keep getting questions surrounding sustainability and traceability, then they are going to realise that this is what people want.They will have to adapt to continue their business. 

KM: Product is out there that’s the thing. I think there’s an unacceptability of it. Why are you not using a compostable takeaway cup when the product exists? Cost can potentially come into it too, but I think they are pretty comparable these days.

MP: What’s going on in the world of Floozy right now? Anything exciting on the horizon?

KM: I’m pretty excited about some of the coffee we are sourcing this year. Obviously with everything going on in the world, it’s hard to be like ‘what’s exciting’, but as a result of it, the amount of people who are now brewing coffee at home are interested in having a different variety which is great! I’ve started to come up with doing a few super special releases of coffee, so we are doing some fun stuff with cupping right now. It’s always exciting to roast and try new things so that’s what I’ll be doing!

MP: Matt told me that we will be doing a CampGrounds/ Floozy collab?!

KM: Yes! It’ll be so much fun! We will have to play it by ear with dates and such, but hopefully we can soon! Can’t wait to come back to Tamworth!

MP: Awesome! We can’t wait to see the Floozy fam!

 Wanna taste of Floozy beans?!

Floozy: Badass Coffee Chicks

Why did we choose Floozy as our house coffee supplier?

If you know us by now, you’ll have heard the name Floozy. And if not? I suggest you buckle up and prepare for some awesome info about some totally rad chicks.

Who Knew That Floozy Are Such Badass Coffee Chicks? We did – that’s who!

Floozy is the name of the Roaster of our house coffee beans – the ones that take pride of a place in our Tamworth coffee shop as well as our hearts. The flavour is as rich and lively as the packaging it comes in. It is the unique flavour and ethical focus of our house beans that sets us apart when it comes to quality coffee. 

Where did the idea for Floozy Coffee come from?

Female owned and operated, Floozy are bringing recognition to women coffee producers. Founders Kristy Mujana and Priscilla Fisher (KMac and Cill) created the coffee brand in 2017 as a response to male bias within the industry.

It doesn’t come with any surprise that the industry, like many others, is male dominated. So, these gals decided to make a mean brew, and let their efforts speak for itself. The aim? 

“To showcase women in coffee and educate the future generations of badass coffee chicks”  (as they wonderfully put it).

Who Said It Had To Be Ugly To Be Ethical

The Floozy gals have done an incredible job with packaging their beans. Art by Ciara (incredible artist), showcases her talents on each bag. These bag ‘o’ beans not only look snazzy but are sustainable. Floozy use Eco Barista Recyclable Bags designed to go in your soft plastic recycling bin (aka your Red-cycle). All their products are created with sustainability and ethical practices in mind, including their cute and compostable coffee capsules. Unlike conventional petroleum based ones, these pods are 100% plant based – yep even the top film! You know, for treating our planet with respect.

Who Knew That Drinking Floozy Coffee Was So Good For All Women In Coffee

Not only is the art awesome, but each bag highlights the producer behind the beans. Featuring the name and a bit of history about the grower of that delicious coffee creating the zing in your day. 

It’s the little things like this really bring quality and community together. Like the fact that Floozy donates part of their coffee sales to a cause that benefits women in need. I know, just when you thought these women couldn’t get any cooler…

3 Places To Get A Taste Of Floozy Coffee

  1. In Tamworth: you can have one of their brews in our coffee shop (duh!)
  2. Anywhere: buy a bag of their coffee beans from us online to brew at home or wherever you make coffee from. 
  3. In Newcastle: You can find them roasting in their cafe space ‘Besties’ which is located just a stone’s throw away in Newcastle, NSW. So it goes with this global pandemic, we must be besties using technology (great for this distancing thing), and sadly their King St cafe is closed for now. However, this doesn’t stop them from roasting and selling beans to places like us. 

Proof That CampGrounds Is Just As Badass As Floozy For Coffee

We think these chicks are onto something good and agree that celebrating women in coffee is super important. Did you know the team at Camp Grounds Tamworth is 90% women (besides one tall bearded man)? Each of us Happy Campers feel the incredible effect of having a female owned and focused supplier like Floozy. With the recognition and support Floozy brings to women in coffee, we are proud to call ourselves badass coffee chicks (yes even Matt).

Did you know that Kmac is actually growing coffee in her backyard ? We put Floozy in the hot seat to find out everything there is to know about the brand behind your morning brew. 

I can’t fabricate the taste. I can’t buy a coffee and be like ‘I’m going to make it taste like chocolate ice-cream’ – KMac, Floozy Coffee Roasters

To ensure you guys have the best CampGrounds experience possible, I sat down with KMac to get yours (and my) most asked questions answered. Once we got over the excitement of seeing each other’s faces and working out who had the mute on,(oh the joys of Zoom) we got right to it.

Read the full interview with K-Mac from Floozy Coffee here

Want to learn more about us and our suppliers? Or maybe you know of a coffee roaster or brand that we should be supporting (maybe that is you) – contact us here.

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