Criteria Coffee – MEXICO Santuario Project – Omni Roast (espresso/filter)

Criteria Coffee – MEXICO Santuario Project – Omni Roast

Flavour Profile: Tastes of Brown Sugar, Blackberries, Nectarine, Red grape, Rose, Plum compote

Suitable for both Espresso and Filter brewing methods

Region : Mexico
From:  Camilo Merizalde’s Santuario Project in Mexic
Varietal : Garnica
Process : Hyro Natural

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About the beans

“When we think about Mexican coffee, we traditionally don’t imagine vibrant, fruity coffees that have a sweet chocolate finish – that is until now!  The Santuario Project have once again impressed us with an interesting and challenging range of special release coffees that could be some of the best coffees we have tasted this year.

From the current harvest we’ve curated 4 unique options, each produced through Camilo Merizalde’s Santuario Project in Mexico.

With the highest attention to detail and focus on production Camilo explores the parameters of fermentation at the wet mill, such as this interesting Hydro Natural, Garnica varietal.” – Criteria Coffee

But what is Hydro processing?

Cherries are picked at 21 brix’s and soaked in water for 2 hours for the first sorting. Once floaters are separated the cherries undergo their first aerobic cherry fermentation in tanks for 8 hours and then are depulped ensuring to leave on 25% of the mucilage. For the second fermentation the cherries with 25% mucilage are submerged underwater for 10 hours. Afterwards the coffee is sun dried on African beds for 14 days, then moved to shade for 5 days until the humidity stabilises.

The Outcome is flavours of: Brown Sugar, Black Berries, Nectarine, Red grape, Rose, Plum compote. Excellent texture and structure


About the roasters


Criteria Coffee is the brain child of Craig Simon, a multi-award-winning Barista and Coffee Roaster who has worked in every link of the coffee chain. As one of Australia’s leading coffee knowledge experts Craig has represented country on the WBC stage 2012, 2014, 2018, achieving Australia’s first Q-Grade Instructor qualification in 2015 (one of 42 positions held world wide). Craig’s interest in coffee goes far beyond the final cup. From farming and roasting, to brewing and service. After near to 15 years in the coffee industry, Craig founded Criteria Coffee in 2018 to assist others in their pursuit of coffee excellence.

Criteria Coffee is Melbourne’s leading co-roastery, designed to unite a community of cafes and coffee companies, giving brands and individuals access to expert guidance in a state-of-the-art facility.  Under Craig’s guidance, members master the craft of roasting in a supportive and streamlined environment.

Criteria also offers a curated collection of roasted coffees for customers (and wholesale partners) to enjoy. Roasted by Craig and his team at Criteria.


Additional information

Weight 250 g

Aeropress, Espresso, Not sure? tell us in the comments what device you are using and we can grind it to suit, Plunger/French Press, Pour-over, Stove-top, Whole-bean




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