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Roasted for milk based and espresso beverages

La Serrania Decaf Espresso

Produced by: 20 coffee growers in the Pitalito region

Location: Pitalito – Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1,500 – 1,750 MASL.

Processing: Fully washed, Natural E.A. Decaf

Varietal/s: Caturra, Castillo , Colombia

Flavour Profile: Red berry, dark chocolate

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  • Roast: Decaf Espresso (Black & Milk)

  • Process: Washed

  • Origin: Colombia (Pitalito – Huila)

  • Varietal: Caturra, Castillo , Colombia

  • Taste: Red berry, dark chocolate.

About the Roaster – Floozy Coffee Roasting

Floozy’s goal is to promote and advance the women in coffee, showcase the talents of the ladies in the industry, and train up future generations of badass coffee chicks.

Floozy is based in Newcastle, Australia and they have a rad cafe called ‘Let’s be Besties’ at 398 King St.

What is special about these beans?

  • Female produced by La Serrania (that’s why they are named after her)

  • Ethical, sustainable & traceable

  • Hand-picked

  • Single origin beans

About the producer – La Serrania

La Serrania is grown by a group of 50 different producers who undertake the same quality standards we see in all of the coffees we select.

The decaffeination process uses ethyl acetate, a natural compound, derived completely from sugar cane and mountain water. The process removes 99.7% of the caffeine present while preserving the original flavours of the coffee

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