Instant Specialty Coffee – Reuben Hills


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Reuben Hills Instant Coffee! That’s Right, instant coffee!!!
  • Ethiopia Nano Chala Lot2
  • Instant Specialty Coffee
  • Includes 7 x sachets


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Nano Chala is produced in an area situated in the Agaro region Western Ethiopia, sitting at 1800-2200 MASL. This Cooperative have managed to establish a strong management system and have succeeded to produce a high level of quality coffee. The famed Nano Challa Station changed many people’s minds in the regions surrounding the washing station. It was long believed that the level of specialty coffee was not possible in this part of the country due to the scarcity of water which is used in the fermentation and cleaning aspects of higher end Ethiopian coffees. However with the advent of a device called an ‘Ecopulper’ the need for massive amounts of water was eliminated. Over the last couple of years, this area has earned a reputation for a distinctive profile as it has intense flavor and complexity. Nano chala coffee is somewhat unique in that it grows within already established forest networks resulting in minimal maintenance for farmers. The coffee is wet-milled and is soaked overnight and washed, then followed by slow drying. This is a gentler process that helps to retain numerous delicate attributes of the coffee. As a result, in 2014 Nano Chala ranked 2nd position at the ACFA Test of Harvest Cup, with a score of 91.97. Even as instant we are getting floral, red berries, medium body and plum. Yum!

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