Reuben Hills – Ethiopia Raro – Filter


Ethiopia Raro Lot3 – Filter


PROCESS : Washed

VARIETY : Wolisho and Dega

REGION : Oromia

ZONE : Guji

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Ethiopia Raro  Filter

PEACH • TOFFEE • Honeydew

PROCESS : Washed

VARIETY : Wolisho and Dega

REGION : Oromia

ZONE : Guji

About the beans

‘The Raro Boda washing station is owned and operated by Negusse Debela. His company SNAP took over management of the Raro Boda washing station in 2018. This area is known for Garden style of coffee farming with many small lot holders in the Raro Boda kebele. The coffee trees are a mixture of heirloom varieties as well as the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) chosen varieties 74110 and 74112, well known for their great cup quality.

The high consistent elevations of Uraga, usually between 2,000 and 2,300 meters above sea level, mean an almost unparalleled potential for quality in the country. Negusse was given the opportunity to invest, renovate and manage a washing station located in the Raro Boda kebele, or community, at the peak of Uraga around 2,450 meters high. At this altitude above the coffee farms there is a consistently cool temperature which allows the washed lots to dry from 10 up to 14 days, giving it a clean, clear and stable cup quality. Coffee fermentation here takes 72 hours.’ – Reuben Hills

About the roasters

Reuben Hills is a boutique micro coffee roastery based in Surry Hills, NSW Australia which has been in operation since January 2012. We roast coffee which is showcased in the café downstairs as well as in other high quality cafes through our wholesale channel.

We travel around the world to producing countries (origin), meeting the farmers, cupping their coffees and selecting beans we’d like to purchase and import so we can provide our customers with coffee that was sourced directly from farmers, celebrating their work and introducing their coffees to the western world.

We only buy select small lots which is the best way for us to reward our producers for doing such a great job and taking care of us with such a great product and allows us to maintain ongoing relationships with our farmers.
– Reuben Hills Coffee

Additional information


Aeropress, Espresso, Not sure? tell us in the comments what device you are using and we can grind it to suit, Plunger/French Press, Pour-over, Stove-top, Whole-bean




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