Smith & Jones Blend – Floozy Collab (House Blend Espresso)


Taste: Strawberry, Fruit and Nut Chocolate, Malt

Nicaragua: Arlin Andino, always a fave of ours with milk
Ethiopia: Killenso, bringing the acidity and florals
Guatemala: Aurora Villatoro, fruit and strawberries

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Smith & Jones Blend by Floozy x Camp Grounds 

Smith & Jones are a female duo made up of keyboard player and vocalist Abby Smith, and Tamworth born guitarist and vocalist Sophie Jones. They met at a beloved local record store in Bathurst (where they now both reside) in 2013, where they first locked eyes over a shelf of Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nick’s records. Sophie and Abby consider themselves musical soulmates, and as Smith & Jones have released two albums, with a third due for release in 2022. Their new work reflects their roots, with soul-baring songwriting, harmonies, acoustic guitar and piano at the heart of the songs. Smith & Jones are super excited to be collaborating with Floozy and Campgrounds; fellow coffee-and-dog loving women and their teams. This Smith & Jones blend is best accompanied with great music, so scan the QR code, chuck us a follow on Spotify, and enjoy your beans with a dose of these alt-country queens! See you out on the road this year!
We’ve been itching to get to Tamworth Country Music Festival ever since our pals at Camp Grounds opened. Last year it was cancelled, and even though this year it has been postponed we get a little taste of TCMF through this collab with Smith and Jones and Camp Grounds.
We can’t wait until April though, luckily Sophie and Abby have agreed to do a live session on IG! Put it in your calendar! Sunday 23rd January
Artwork by the incredible Mon Hope

About The Roasters

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How do we source our coffee?
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Transparency within the coffee roasting industry means knowing where the coffee beans come from, who produced it and how much the producer is being paid. At Floozy we make every effort to ensure that the farmers we work with are paid correctly and that we are encouraging a fair and ethical coffee supply chain.

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Floozy’s sustainable coffee practices
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We use a Loring S7 Nighthalk roaster, which saves approximately 80% in fuel and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to other roasting machines.

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We do all this (and more!) every day to do our part for the environment. If we want to keep drinking coffee in the years to come, we need to make these changes or one day coffee may no longer be a viable industry.

We hope to continually improve our practices and continue to source coffees that will make your days better’ – Floozy Coffee Roasters

About The Coffee

Nicaragua: Arlin Andino, always a fave of ours with milk
Ethiopia: Killenso, bringing the acidity and florals
Guatemala: Aurora Villatoro, fruit and strawberries
Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Fruit and Nut Chocolate, Malt

These beans are:

  • Ethical, sustainable & traceable

  • Hand-picked

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