Stitch – all methods – Finca El Balcero (Colombia)

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  • Roast: All methods

  • Process: Washed (Extended Dry Fermentation)

  • Origin: Colombia

  • Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

  • Taste: Honeycomb, tangerine & guava

More Info

About the Roaster –  Stitch Roasting

THE STITCH FAMILY – a team built on diversity…

The team is built upon a shared love for the world’s favourite beverage (FYI its coffee, though we do have a tea advocate amongst us) and a strong set of values. They’re a culmination of unique characters from diverse backgrounds from across the globe, but the Stitch family share a common principle, ‘to leave this earth better than we found it’. And their hope is to use coffee as a vehicle to achieve this.

“STITCH COFFEE was born of an idea that coffee doesn’t need to be a standalone – it can be mixed together. We realised at an early stage that the art of blending coffee is the same as tailoring a piece of cloth. As a result, we stitched together origins with different flavours to bring forward the ultimate cup characteristics for everyone to enjoy.” – The Stitch Family

What is special about these beans?

    • Ethical, sustainable & traceable

    • Hand-picked

    • Single origin beans

About the producer –MARLENY OLAYA

Grown by Marleny Olaya at Finca El Balcero. This coffee is harvested following a strict ripeness criteria, exposed to a dry fermentation of 50 hours. Afterwards dried on raised beds until ideal moisture content.

This microlot is 100% Yellow Bourbon. This varietal is a natural mutation of the Coffee Arabigo. The name Bourbon was given after an island now called Reunion, off the coast of Madagascar.