Floozy – Costa Rica – Volcan Azul Caturra (Omni Roast – All Methods)


Suitable for all brew methods

Flavour Profile: Blackcurrant, Plum, Grapefruit

Producer: 685 Members of the Thaita Coffee Factory

Location: Kirinyaga County, Kenya

Average Farm Elevation: 1750 masl

Varieties: Ruiru 11 SL-28, Batian

Process: Fully Washed

Sourcing: Condesa Co. Lab

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250gVolcan Azul Washed Caturra

Suitable for all brew methods for black coffee

Flavour Profile: Orange Marmalade, Black Tea With Sugar, Cranberry, Orange Soda

Producer: Alejo Castro

Farm: Volcan Azul @volcan.azul

Location: Alajuela, Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Elevation: 1400 masl

Varieties: Caturra

Process: Washed Process

Sourcing: Condesa Co. Lab


Fully Washed Process

The cherries are pulped by pressure against a centrifuge, by controlling the pressure the harder / underripe or overdried cherries are not pulped and then they are separated.

A mechanical washer is then used to wash all the mucilage off the beans before transferring them to the drying patio / raised beds. The beans are then stirred each day from 8am-2pm. In order to maintain the heat and control the humidity the beans are covered in plastic from 2pm. Depending on weather conditions this process will take between 6-10 days.

About Volcan Azul

At the beginning of the 19th century, when coffee production was in its early beginnings in America, without knowing it, two pioneers and entrepreneurs, Alejo C. Jiménez in Costa Rica and Wilhelm Kahle in the south of Mexico, shared the same dream: “To produce the best coffee in the world” to satisfy the new demanding European gourmet market.

Today, descendants of these visionary farmers still produce coffee within the same ideals of excellency and top quality that inspired their ancestors that continue with the tradition in Costa Rica.

There’s a lot we can say about this incredible farm, but they have so much interesting information available that we’d recommend heading to their website to read more: www.volcanazul.com and follow them on Instagram @volcan.azul

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Aeoropress/Delter, Cold Brew, Espresso, Filter Machine (Moccamaster/Percolator), Not sure – tell us your brew device in checkout comments, Pour-over, Whole-bean

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