Floozy – Espresso – El Calagual (Guatemala)


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  • Roast: Espresso

  • Process: Natural

  • Origin: Guatemala – El Calagual

  • Varietal: Pache

  • Taste: Tangelo, Plum, Milk Chocolate

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About the Roaster – Floozy Coffee Roasting

Floozy’s goal is to promote and advance the women in coffee, showcase the talents of the ladies in the industry, and train up future generations of badass coffee chicks.

Floozy is based in Newcastle, Australia and they have a rad cafe called ‘Let’s be Besties’ at 398 King St.

What is special about these beans?

  • Ethical, sustainable & traceable

  • Hand-picked

  • Single origin beans

About the producer – Darwin Estuardo Fabian Estrada

El Calagual is a family farm, Darwin marks the fifth generation of coffee farming for his family, with a history dating back to 1899. El Calagual was selling to the commercial market until Darwin, having studied agronomy at university, saw the potential in their farm to increase quality and fetch higher prices from the specialty market. Darwin now manages the farm and experiments with processing, bring us this beautiful and clean natural processed coffee.

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