Floozy – La Danta Espresso – San Ignacio, Peru


  • Roast: Espresso

  • Process: Fully Washed

  • Origin: Nicaragua (Jinotega)

  • Varietal: Caturra ,Catuai

  • Taste: Dried Apricot, White Nectarine & Lychee

More Info

La Danta is a blend of coffees produced along the highlands of San Ignacio, Cajamarca. The blend is named after the Andean Tapir, also knowan as Mountain Danta, or as “sacha huagra” in Quechua. The Andean tapir, an endangered herbivore, is commonly found roaming the Andes mountain range, especially in northern Cajamarca.

 La Danta represents for Caravela and the community a more conscious coffee producing culture that places nature and coexistence with it as an upmost priority. The producers who contribute to this brand recognize and believe that by always placing nature first, they add greater value to coffee and its surroundings.

About the Roaster – Floozy Coffee Roasting

Floozy’s goal is to promote and advance the women in coffee, showcase the talents of the ladies in the industry, and train up future generations of badass coffee chicks.

Floozy is based in Newcastle, Australia and they have a rad cafe called ‘Let’s be Besties’ at 398 King St.

What is special about these beans?

  • This coffee is produced by an independent farmer, Claudia Maria Rivera

  • Ethical, sustainable & traceable

  • Hand-picked

  • Single origin beans 


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