Market Lane Coffee – Seasonal Espresso Blend



This coffee tastes like roasted hazelnut, milk chocolate and cherry.

80% La Soledad
Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
Variety: bourbon and caturra
Process: washed
Producer: Ana Lucia Zelaya and Rony Asensio


20% Aroresa
Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia
Variety: JARC 74158, 74110, 74112
Process: washed


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This coffee tastes like roasted hazelnut with milk chocolate and cherry.

80% of this Seasonal Blend is made up of La Soledad from Guatemala. The farm is owned and run by Ana Lucia Zelaya and her husband Rony Asensio, both of whom come from longstanding coffee-producing families. During the harvest, the ripest cherries are picked and meticulously processed using the washed method, before being dried on patios and later in covered greenhouses. La Soledad adds body and notes of roasted hazelnut to the blend.

20% of this espresso comes from the Aroresa washing station in Ethiopia’s Sidama zone. The station is privately owned by Wochesa Achiso, who buys coffee from around 700 local producers, most of whom farm organically on small plots of land (2–5 hectares in size). During harvest, producers hand-pick their ripe cherries and deliver them to the station, where they are carefully wash-processed, and then dried on raised beds – first under cover and then in the sun. Aroresa contributes chocolate notes to the espresso, as well as a lovely fruity finish.

Together, these two coffees blend beautifully to create an espresso that tastes like roasted hazelnut, milk chocolate and cherry.

About the producers: 

At the Aroresa washing station, the coffee is wash-processed and then carefully dried on raised beds for 10–12 days.

About Market Lane Coffee:
There is a lot to love about these Melbournian roasters but their sustainability practices and values are what really impressed us. No newbies to the coffee roasting game – they have been around since 2009 and from the beginning, have been committed to quality, transparency, sustainability and using business for good. These principles have a real impact on the way they buy coffee, the people they work with, and how they run their business.

We love how Market Lane Coffee goes about all their sourcing to ensure the best quality and support all for all the peeps involved.. It’s so up our alley!

“Our commitment to quality extends beyond coffee and into every part of our business – from our packaging choices, the milk we source from Schulz Organic Dairy and the organic Dulce sugar we buy from Costa Rica through to the way we hire and train staff, and the hospitality we extend to each customer, during every visit to our shops..”-Market Lane Coffee 

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