Milton Monroy – Espresso (Colombia)

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Flavour Profile: Boozy Floozy Collection – Just like drinking a cosmo, Boozy, Cranberry and Cointreau 


Farm: Finca San Cayetano Alto

Producer: Milton Monroy

Location: Ibague,Tamila, Colombia

Farm Elevation: 1800MASL

Farm Size: 2.1 hectares total / 2.1 hectare in coffee

Varieties: Castillo

Process: Natural

Sourcing: Caravela


Milton says thats he was born surrounded by coffee trees. He has dedicated himself and his farm to the production of coffee and all throughout his life. He inherited this farm from his father and has since improved the infrastructure to produce a higher quality and reach the specialty market. It was in 2012, he says, that he noticed specialty production would be the only sustainable future for his farm. He also noticed that it has directly affected his ability to achieve better prices, pay higher salaries and receive the recognition his farm deserves.


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