Paradox – Filter – Purple Rain Organic (Blend)

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Purple Rain by Paradox

    • Roast: Filter
    • Process  Fully washed
    • Origin: Tanzania/ Nicaragua /Honduras
    • Varietal
    • Taste: Apricot, Chocolate Almond, Brown Sugar
More Info

 About Paradox Coffee Roasting

Paradox Coffee Roasters are responsible custodians of the coffee journey, always putting people first. From the farmers we source from, respected industry partners we work with, our expert team that roast and share their knowledge, wholesale partners and baristas who serve coffee, to the customers who enjoy it.

We believe in the growth and success of our wholesale partners, so we support them with barista education, systematic training, premium equipment, reliable service, creative branding and innovative solutions so our partners can deliver a consistent quality coffee experience.

What is special about these beans?

  • Organic Coffee beans
  • Award winning
  • Ethical, sustainable & traceable

About the beans

Awarded the Gold Medal for Organic Coffee at Golden Bean, Purple Rain is comprised of coffees that are organically produced and sourced from farms and cooperatives that contribute to the education, health and well being of the farming communities from which the originate, this smooth blend sets the benchmark for organic coffee.




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