Wood and Co – Twin Peaks (Colombia, Ethiopia)


Flavour: Fudge, Toffee, Mandarin

Origin: Colombia & Ethiopia

Recommended for Espresso, Stovetop and Frenchpress


Wood and Co signature house blend. Made of seasonally available coffees from Ethiopia and Colombia. Roasted to a perfect recipe that retains body and sweetness while still offering fruity and tangy flavours. All these elements work together, giving you that delicious and mystical coffee experience.

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About the Roaster –  Wood & Co Melbourne (Brunswick)

Aaron Wood has been roasting and sourcing coffee for 10 plus years, Starting out in New Zealand, he moved to Melbourne in 2011 and worked for the best roasteries in Melbourne before founding the well respected and loved Wood and Co Coffee.

Aaron keeps company with Janna Royse and Rhys Durose. As a team, the three are fast earning a name as one of the best roasters in Australia—their coffee is featured on countless menus throughout Melbourne and up the country’s east coast. With always-tasty offerings, Wood and Co. conduct business in a familial, low-key way without ever sacrificing quality. Sourcing from the best farms in Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras and also the best washing stations in Kenya and Ethiopia. These three travel regularly to look after their tight-knit community of producers and suppliers. This kind of connectedness is reflected in through their loyal wholesale partners and public following.

– info from article here

What is special about these beans?

    • Wood & Co signature house blend
    • Ethical, sustainable & traceable
    • Hand-picked


About the Twin Peaks Blend: 

Aaron puts it like this, “As Wood and Co has grown over the past several years we owe most of it to Twin Peaks. It’s the backbone of our coffee offerings – it’s what our cafes and customers lean on as their main coffee.”

“It’s easy to use, versatile and fun to drink. It’s both new, seasonal and specialty- whilst remaining old school in the sense that it uses coffees from a consistent source year- round so it’s flavour profile is very consistent. It is really reliable. It’s great as filter, black espresso and also works brilliantly with any kind of milk.”

(quotes from here)

Additional information


Aeropress, Espresso, Not sure? tell us in the comments what device you are using and we can grind it to suit, Plunger/French Press, Pour-over/Percolator, Stove-top, Whole-bean




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