Academy – Filter/Espresso – Supersonic Natural (El Salvador)

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  • Roast: Filter/Espresso

  • Process: Natural Supersonic

  • Origin: El Salvador

  • Varietal: Pacas-bourbon

  • Taste: Dark Chocolate, Stonefruit and Plum

More Info

About the Roaster –  Academy Coffee Roasters (Orange, NSW)

Academy coffee is a modern specialty coffee roastery based in Orange, nsw. They source our beans as directly from the producers as possible. Academy work with world-leading importers & exporters whose values align with our own, to ensure the finest quality, exciting flavours & fair & equitable trade for all.

“Our size is one of our biggest strengths. Small batch roasting not only improves quality, it also allows us to keep that quality as consistent as possible. Chances are we see every single bean that goes in and out of our roaster. Sometimes micromanagement is a good thing…” – Academy Coffee Roasters (Orange, NSW)

What is special about these beans?

    • Ethical, sustainable & traceable

    • Hand-picked

    • Single origin beans

About the beans:

All coffee is picked on the same day and is placed on African beds creating a thick layer approximately 30cm deep for the first three days the coffee is turned every 24 hours to reduce fermentation. After this period the coffee is spread thin to increase clarity. once moisture has reached 16% the coffee is moved to a cool, dark storage area for seven days for the sugars to stabilise. Finally the coffee is moved to African beds for another seven days or until beans have a moisture content of 12%.
in total, it is a complex, four week process, but the result is well worth it. – Academy Coffee Roasters

Additional information


Aeropress, Espresso, Not sure? tell us in the comments what device you are using and we can grind it to suit, Plunger/French Press, Pour-over, Stove-top, Whole-bean




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