BEAM – Espresso/Filter – Las Nubes (Colombia)

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  • Roast: Espresso

  • Process: Washed for 24hrs

  • Origin: Colombia

  • Varietal: Castillo

  • Taste: Peach, Cream, Biscuits, Black Tea, Chocolate


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About the producer – Arles Ramirez

“Farmer Arles Ramirez has treated this coffee the way Colombian coffees should be treated. As all the best coffees are treated Ramirez insists upon hand picking only the most ripe cherries. The first & most essential step towards excellent coffee. This Castillo variety is depulped and fermented for 24hrs. It was then slowly dried on raised beds to achieve the ideal moisture content.

I’ve roasted this coffee to keep its delicate acid intact but allow for the most amount of development and sweetness to intensify the sugary goodness contained within it. Roasted for both espresso and filter this coffee is one to be super excited about. Cuts through milk and is still delicious as a black beverage too! Get behind Arles Ramirez for all of July. Good times!” – Reece (BEAM Coffee Roasters) 

About the Roaster – BEAM Coffee Roasting

Beam Coffee is husband and wife duo Reece and Stacey Cooper. With an intense passion for coffee combined with a zest for travel Reece and Stacey are here for all you coffee needs from selecting green coffee to brewing roasted coffee. After 6 years of roasting and green coffee purchasing for one of Sydney’s best cafes Reuben Hills, Reece is taking over the coffee side of Beam. From traveling to training he does it all. Stacey has a background in marketing and business and is the boss lady for all things communication at Beam.  

What is special about these beans?

– Ethical, sustainable & traceable
– Hand-picked
– Single origin beans

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