Floozy – Finca La Siberia – Early Harvest Columbian Geisha


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Flavour Profile: Floral / Tinned Peach Syrup / Nougat

 Farm: Finca La Siberia

Producers: Einar Ortiz Falla / Amaly Diaz

Location: Rioblanco, Tolima, Colombia

Altitude: 1650masl

Farm Size: 7 hectares total / 5 hectares in coffee

Varieties: 100% Geisha

Process: Fully Washed

Sourcing: Caravela Coffee

We were lucky enough to secure both the early and late harvest lots of geisha from Finca La Siberia. Each have their own amazing qualities and it’s super fun to see the difference between each lot.

Einar’s past and childhood years were marked by coffee cultivation. His parents and grandparents taught him to produce coffee and instilled in him the passion for the product. Einar has been working in his own coffee business for more than 20 years now and his expectations and goals have always been to improve the quality of the coffee he produces. One day in 2005, Einar attended to a coffee workshop with other 26 coffee growers from the same region. When the workshop ended, they got together to speak about their challenges and expectations. That was when they decided to start a cooperative the 26 of them. This with the objective of strengthening the production and commercialization of coffee in the region. Since then, Einar’s main motivation has been to produce specialty coffee that consumers all over the world can enjoy.


Starting with the production of specialty coffee has been a huge change in Einar’s economic life. The quality of their coffee has improved more than 100% and that is reflected in the price that they receive for the product. Everything that Einar does on the farm, every activity and every process is thinking about how to improve in terms of quality, infrastructure, and as a person. What makes him most proud of his farm, is that it represents the fruit of his hard work. Every day, Einar learns something new, and in the short-term, Einar plans to renovate his drying stations and improve harvest after harvest.

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