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Easy at home or work brewing for you and your crew! Super easy flavour-filled coffee in minutes – just add coffee and water.

With a 5 year warranty this beauty is handmade in The Netherlands using only the best materials. Not only does it look really cool and retro – it actually is bloody awesome.

Whether you need a big batch whilst you work from home or to chuck in the thermos and go – Moccamaster can make up to 1.25L in one batch! Making it easy to brew up delish coffee for at home brekky with mates/family or a meeting at the office. The warming plate keeps it at the perfect temp – so you will never have cold coffee!

We love the Moccamaster so much we use it to make your batch brew filter coffee here at Camp Grounds in Tamworth. The filter brewing method makes a smooth cuppa with less acidity and packs the punch with flavour. 

– Box includes: 1 Moccamaster Classic; 100 x #4 Moccamaster Classic Paper Filters
– 3 colours available: Pastel Pink, White and Yellow (more available on request – email, pop in and see us or msg on socials)

– Certifications: SCAA, SCAE, ECBC
– Dimensions: W-D-H (mm): 325 x 170 x 355
– Carafe Capacity: 1.25 L

What is Filter Coffee?

Filter coffee is a gentle brewing method – it brings out the true character and clarity of coffee. The result is smooth and full flavoured.

Filter brewing is a great way to appreciate all the great quality coffees. Camp Grounds has an ever expanding range of coffee roasted especially for filter!


About the maker

Moccamaster coffee machines are handmade by Technivorm in Amerongen in the heart of The Netherlands. Technivorm has been producing filter coffee machines since 1964.These classic and stylish machines are made using only the best quality components and materials and are iconic in coffee circles in many parts of the world. Each coffee machine is checked and individually tested before it leaves the factory in Holland.

Brew Guide: 

This Moccamaster can brew big batches of great filtered coffee for you and all of your mates in under 6 minutes .

We make all of our delicious batch brew coffee with our Moccamaster at Campgrounds Tamworth.

There are two temperature settings for the post-brew warming plate that will keep your coffee hot for up to 40 minutes.

The device is handmade in the Netherlands with high grade aluminum, BPA-Free plastic, and high-grade glass to last for many years.

Perfect for batch brewing coffee for an event / meeting or your morning cuppa with your friends and family

Brew guide

Step 1- fill the water reservoir with fresh filter water then place the filter paper into the brew basket

Step 2- Put the ground coffee of your choice – the scoop provided holds 10 grams .

Step 3- Rule of thumb is 50 to 60 grams per litre of water , depending on how much coffee you are wanting for your day

Step 4- Ensure the drip stop lever on the filter basket is up in the top Open position.

Step 5- Switch of power button and enjoy your home batch brew 🙂

check video out for a simple brewing guide with your Moccamaster at home


How it works

A powerful copper heating element is the key to reaching the correct temperature quickly and efficiently and to keeping it consistent throughout the brewing cycle. The coffee brew time must also be correct to get the right contact time between the water and the coffee grounds and the Moccamaster meets this criteria. The 6 minute brew time perfectly extracts all the flavours and delicate nuances from the coffee grounds.


“We manufacture products which the consumer has 100% confidence at all times. We work for a better environment through energy efficient products with an extra long life. We use recyclable and degradable products, and we guarantee our products for 5 years.” – Gerard C. Smit, creator of Moccamaster


Precise Temperature Control – The heavy duty copper boiler maintains a steady 90 – 95 degrees Celsius, the optimal temperature range for coffee brewing.

Built To Last – Encased in aluminum and built with sturdy BPA-Free plastic to last a lifetime.

Balanced Brewing – The brewing cycle includes a bloom phase for preparing the coffee grounds and the 9 hole spray head encourages even extraction and a balanced cup.

Coffee Association Blessed – Tested and certified by the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC, the Moccamaster Classic has the blessing of the world’s greatest coffee professionals.

Brew Big Batches – Brew up to 1.25 L of delicious coffee, enough for several people.

14 Colours – Designed to fit into any setting, the Class comes in 14 different colours.

Warming Plate – Keep your coffee warm when the brewing completes. The warmer has two temperature settings and automatically shuts off after 40 minutes.

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Arabian Copper, Classic Pastel Yellow, Mint green, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink, Silver, White


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