Floozy x Camp Grounds – WASHED – Filter (Mexico)


-Roast: Filter

-Process: Washed
(also comes in Honey Processed get em both and taste the whole experience here)

-Origin: Mexico

-Varietal: 100% Typica

-Taste: Marshmallow, Berry Tart, Chocolate Orange – ‘comforting like a home cooked Berry Tart and good book on a rainy day’ – Maddie (Happy Camper)

About the Collab – Floozy Coffee Roasting x Camp Grounds

This is a washed bean from producer Daniel Cobilt, and it is one of the best beans to come out of Mexico this year… Its very special! We loved being apart of this with our Floozy family in Newcastle, and hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Floozy’s goal is to promote and advance the women in coffee, showcase the talents of the ladies in the industry, and train up future generations of badass coffee chicks.  Therefore it is no surprise that they were so keen to have two of our Happy Campers come and roast with them at them in their Newcastle roastery. 

This collaboration was only possible with the support of Specialty green coffee exporters and importers and Certified B-Corps Caravela. They got us the most top notch Mexican beans grown by Daniel Cobilt of Finca Cañada Fría

What is special about these beans?

  • This is a collaboration between Camp Grounds and Floozy – we helped roast, cup and come up with flavour notes for these special beans
  • 100% Typica – super limited edition the typica coffee tree produces less coffee than other varietals, which means that the yield tends to be lower and more difficult to grow so this is an epic effort. 
  • Hand-picked – Single origin beans

More Info

About the producer –  Daniel Cobilt  and FINCA CAÑADA FRÍA farm
Their slogan on the farm is: we plant dreams and harvest feelings.

13 Hectares

6 Hectares

Coffee is carried in the blood of Daniel Cobilt, something he inherited from his
parents. He has been growing coffee for 40 years and year after year, he has learnt bit by bit all about the production of coffee and its supply chain. Daniel hasn’t only focused on learning about coffee cultivation, he has also looked at innovation and experimentation of processing methods such as washed, naturals, and honey processed coffees. Additionally, he is very interested in understanding the art of roasting coffee, to see how his processes on the farm can make the work of the roaster and the barista easier and more exciting.

Every night, the fireflies at Finca Cañada Fría decorate the coffee trees with a
beautiful light show which Daniel has loved ever since he was a child. Here, Daniel avoids the use of any product that could risk the environment for future generations.

He wants the people who drink his coffee to do so knowing that the coffee was grown respecting the environment. Their slogan on the farm is: we plant dreams and harvest feelings.


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